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Nimue Products

Cleansing Gel/Lite (140ml) £34.00

Cleansing Gel/Lite (140ml Reflii) £24.00

Cleansing Milk (140ml) £34.00

Cleansing Milk (140ml Refill) £24.00

Eye Make Up Remover (100ml) £33.00

Conditioner/Lite (140ml) £36.00

Conditioner/Lite (140ml Refill) £26.00

Exfoliating Enzyme (60ml) £39.00

Exfoliating Enzyme (140ml Refill) £30.00

Nimue Day (50ml) £54.00

Moisture Lite (50ml) £47.00

Moisturiser Plus (50ml) £54.00

Multi Day + (50ml) £62.00

Multi Night + (50ml) £65.00

Purifier (50ml) £47.00

Day Fader (50ml) £64.00

Day Fader Plus (50ml) £72.00

Night Fader (50ml) £64.00

Night Fader Plus (50ml) £72.00

Fader Serum (30ml) £85.00

Fade Treatment Pen (10ml) £38.00

Pro Age Foundation (30ml) £44.00

Eye Treatment (15ml) £36.00

Anti-Ageing Eye Cream (15ml) £48.00

Collagen Eye Film (5 Sets) £50.00

Eye Serum (15ml) £36.00

Sun-C SPF40 (60ml) £38.00

Environmental Shield SPF50 (60ml) £50.00

Environmental Shield SPF50 (20ml) £25.00

After Sun Hydrator (100ml) £32.00

Body Spray SPF50 Sport (150ml) £39.00

Body Spray SPF30 Active (150ml) £37.00

Tinted SPF40 (light/medium/dark) (60ml) £39.00

Element Barrier (100ml) £50.00

Pre+Post (30ml) £33.00

Active Lotion/Gel (60ml) £45.00

Active Lotion/Gel (60ml Refill) £35.00

TDS Serum (30ml) £38.00

Alpha Lipoic Activator Serum (60ml) £75.00

Multi Rejuvenating Serum (30ml) £79.00

Super Hydrating Serum (30ml) £70.00

Corrective Serum (30ml) £70.00

Stemplex Serum (30ml) £79.00

Vit C Moisture Mix (60ml) £28.00

Skin Refirmer (50ml) £88.00

Hydro Lip Therapy (5ml) £13.00

Rejuvenating Mask (60ml) £36.00

Clarifying Mask (60ml) £37.00

Super Hydrating Mask (60ml) £36.00

Anti-Ageing Leave On Mask (60ml) £36.00

Adult Spot Treatment (10ml) £24.00

Active Hand Repair (100ml) £28.00

Starter Pack (All Skin Classifications) £55.00

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